Monday, May 24, 2010

Weather or not

This is what I woke up too!! Not for the first time I had the thought that I really wish I could figure a way to move us back to Arizona. I browse the job listings for the Prescott or Mesa areas on a regular basis with the hope that maybe there will be a super high paying magical job out there that the Man or myself would qualify for. Not that I want to leave my friends or the Kiddo's doctors (a nightmare of mine is to move and not find a doctor that has the active experience and training that our current one does). Still I think the chance would be worth taking, and a move closer to my family would make me happy.
Then again this rash of cold/cool weather has really helped with the electric bill. May's bill was all of 33 bucks, June's bill is the same. Today of course the heater is on, but generally it's either an open or closed windows type decision and that type of thing takes no electric at all.

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C said...

I think I'll stay here where a cool day means below 90ยบ :-P


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