Wednesday, May 12, 2010

and he says

Lately the Kiddo has gotten so good at playing his Playstation Starwars game that he has begun to play for stories vs playing to win (he's already beaten it twice). When I say stories what I mean is, he plays and then he talks for the characters, he makes up dialogue for what they are saying for what they are doing. It is usually quite a lengthy story and it doesn't always make complete sense.

A snippet from yesterday

"once when I was a small robot there was NO people!" ... "WHAT! No people?!?!" .. "That's right, NO people, just an R2 robot and other robots".

The story/dialogue went on to talk about how after awhile there were some people, and they had powers. They used the force to kill the bad guys, break them into pieces. And they had swords, blue ones... etc etc

If nothing else the Kiddo really does have an amazing imagination.

Speaking of imagination. Today he invented something. He came into the livingroom with his drill from his tool bench. The thing is battery operated. When you pull the level the drill goes around... sort of like the real thing. So he brings it into the livingroom, he's holding his finger against the rivits up at the top of the drill bit, and running the drill so that it spins against his finger.

Finally I say "Kiddo, WHAT are you doing!??"

He says "It's a tool for removing prunes"

I musta had a really funny look on my face because he cracked the biggest grin ever, then he pushes the pad of his finger towards my face and says "you know mom PRUNES, on your fingers"

aaaaah, he's talking bath fingers *chuckle* I suppose the running rivets probably do feel like they are "smoothing" his fingers out.
In the picture he's pulling the drill bit down for me to take the picture so you can see the rivets on the top of it.

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C said...

If he could make that drill remove non-temporary skin blemishes (stretch marks?), he could patent the application, put it to use, and amass a fortune.


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