Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've been a little obsessive lately about fitness and diet. There's this thing when you want to have another kid where you tell yourself that getting out of shape, getting a little more padding, is ok because once you get pregnant the body goes to heck anyway. Then after you HAVE the kid you can do the diet and work out and get yourself back to where you want to be.

Then all the sudden it's been 4 years. No new kid. And you start to wonder if maybe there wont BE a new kid. Granted we haven't had the best most stable last few years anyway so that probably isn't really a super bad thing, but still four years of trying is a long time. At some point one must accept the fact that they cant' use the "I'm trying to get pregnant so what's the point" excuse any longer.

So the Man agreed to deal with my eccentricities with food buying. Because I stopped buying him good food when I stopped buying it for myself he learned to pack a lunch. We've both lost weight. And I've learned something about what's IN food.

For example. The other day I made home made jalapeno poppers. VERY easy to make. Scrape out the seeds, stuff with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, bake at 350 till crispy and hot. To make that "bake" portion go quicker I halfway precooked the bacon in a frying pan before cutting it in half and wrapping the poppers with it.
The Man was in heaven. He said they were better then any store bought or fast food poppers he'd ever had. I had to agree. Holy COW they were good.

The next day I felt a little yucky and had gained a bit of weight. So I did some research. Apparently it's common practice to add sugar to bacon!! It probably makes it extra yummy (how could it not) but it also adds fat and calories and everything else not so good. I checked around and the generic store brand has no sugar and 1/4 of the calories per slice as the one I used.

Not that I want to become (or advocate becoming) one of those obsessive people that read labels and go all natural food or death. But if I can buy bacon with less fat and fewer calories that means I can eat MORE poppers. If I can buy the slightly more expensive ground beef with less fat that means I can eat a little more taco skillet. If I can buy the sugar free low calorie russell stovers peanut butter cups instead of the Reeses kind then I can eat two instead of one and be pretty darn happy.

So at the happy age of um ahem 28, I have finally decided that if I watch a little closer the things that I eat then maybe my waist line will stay a little thinner... and maybe that will help me feel better about the rest of life.

And while we're on the topic. Chocolate Milk... largely because of the CALCIUM and vitamin D will actually help you lose weight. Something about the calcium blocking the body from absorbing fat. We knew we were eating cheese slices daily for a reason :)

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