Monday, May 10, 2010

A weekend with raw Broccoli

It's been a frustrating and relaxing and delicious last few days.

We spent most of Saturday bouncing around all the pounds that were open seeing if we could find a dog that would meet all our requirements. We made it to three pounds and two pet stores (where they had rescue adoption days going on). We found ONE dog that might have worked, a boxer shepherd mix. She was a year old, about 30lbs, brindle with white feet, and the perfect size for him. We took her for a walk around the store, cuddled her and let her and the kiddo walk together too. She loved having loves and giving them, she paid attention to the kiddo and us equally. The ONLY problem with her was she was super timid, and that worried us. We weren't sure what her temperament would be if and when she got over that and so we didn't adopt her. The kiddo kept asking me when we are going to go back to petsmart to get his dog. He really liked her. I explained that she was just a little to shy for us so we let her find a different family to live with and that we'd keep looking. He was a little disappointed but moved on. Fortunately he is so easy going that he can want something without having to have it. So even though he liked her a lot he is looking forward to getting to go look again.

Saturday night the Man took us to dinner to celebrate Mothers day. We went to Sweet Tomatoes and I had the most AMAZING broccoli salad. I haven't ever really liked raw broccoli so I wasn't sure I was going to like the salad but I served myself about half a cup worth anyway. It was so super yummy!! I googled it and found the recipe online, I figure I can tweak it a little bit using truvia instead of actual sugar (and craisens instead of raisens) and drop the calories per serving about 100 points! I highly suggest you guys try this, SO good. And when you do try it, pop me a note and let me know what you thought about it!

Sunday I slept till 9, then came into the living room to find the Man and the Kiddo chatting on the couch. The Kiddo dragged me to the table to show me my "surprise" which was two new frying pans (which I really needed!). Then we all got dressed and the Man took me to an amazing little restaurant. I had a roast beef, mushroom, cheese omelet and it was so big I almost exploded trying to finish it.

All in all it was a really nice weekend. Little disappointed about the dog, but then if we do end up getting one for the Kiddo it has to be one that will work for him and our situation so I've accepted the fact that it could take awhile to do.


C said...

First thought: Boxer & Shepherd? Does having the dog for the Kiddo per Dr's instructions nullify municipal and apartment management regulations? Both those breeds are on some "dangerous breeds" lists, and if you have to move (and Kiddo's need for a service animal does not supersede the regs) a dog that is on the list could make finding a new home more difficult. I realize that you didn't get this pup, but felt I should mention it in case you hadn't already taken it into consideration as you continue your search for Mr Right.

Second thought: When people/shelters have a pit bull (or bullie mix) that they want to rehome, and are worried that the breed's reputation will scare adopters off, that pit bull part of the dog suddenly becomes advertised as a boxer (due to facial resemblance ... which is likely the reason boxers are on the dangerous breeds lists) or a terrier (due to pit bulls' as a breed deriving from the bull-and-terrier breeds). Unless you don't mind the hassles that go along with owning a pit bull, be careful that the dog you adopt does not have the appearance of bullie in the mix, no matter what the agency labels it.

Gwyneth said...

If I understand the stuff right then the paperwork does make it so we can have any dog. Our doctor specified on the paperwork a medium or small dog so we are limited in size (not that we would get a large dog anyway) but breed is not an issue. Pretty much whatever is on that paperwork outweighs any and all apt regulations that might contradict it.

The mix had a longer pointed nose and not really the boxer face, she did have the shorter hair though and the brindle.

You have a very good point with the pit bull and what people say trying to get a dog adopted vs what is actually true. I will make SURE I/we keep that in mind the next time we go looking.


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