Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Lady D has had to deal with me venting on an almost daily basis about the pigeons that think our balcony looks like the perfect summer home. I don't know WHY they think that, every time we see one out there we go chase it away. You'd think after several thousand daily episodes of being chased the pigeons would start to think hmmm maybe I should go elsewhere. But they don't.

The only thing I haven't tried yet is spending money I don't have to screen in the entire porch area. The Man thinks I'm getting a little compulsive and freaky about it but dang nabbit I do not want pigeon poop all over my chairs and chances bike and the floor *grumble*

Mothers day is approaching. I'm feeling lucky, I already made the Mans mom a Nook bag so we don't have to try to think of anything else to do for her! The Man and Kiddo usually let me sleep in and then take me out for breakfast. I think they might be planning on doing that again this year, one can only hope! The Man keeps mentioning a place where you can build your own omelet! I've been day dreaming about a steak and cheese omelet ever since.

In other news the Kiddo is asking the weirdest questions lately. Like what do bugs eat. And how long does a bird sleep for. And what do cows eat for breakfast. I think maybe it's a good thing we're sending him to school, and I really miss the days when people had actual BOOK sets of encyclopedia's. I think we may have to try to find one that isn't super expensive, one with lots of pictures of course. I have some really good memories of going and picking one at random and then learning something new.

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