Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tumble down

The Kiddo is kind of a klutz. More to the point he isn't where he should be physically for his age. That is probably because he isn't where he should be size wise for his age *chuckle*. So we've been thinking of putting him into a gym class. Last year we began the debate, but could not afford it so put the idea on a back burner. Then we went to his yearly pediatrician visit this year and (I believe I mentioned this) Doc made me feel guilty about him not being in some sort of class to help with his coordination etc. So we looked into it again.

The Little Gym 6 weeks of classes (one hour long class a week): $160.00 (27 bucks a class)

Tumbling classes for our five year old. Actually, I believe, a very good idea. Like most kids his age he loves to climb and roll around, he loves to try to jump. As you know from my post last week his growth hormone shots are working well, and classes to help with coordination and physical stability would probably be helpful to balance out that quick growth.

The summer session class starts on the 14th of June so I have to decide soon (and try to come up with the money if I do decide). If I did it I would really like to get him into the summer session because it would give him whatever benefits BEFORE the start of kindergarten. And then we would have to decide if we would be putting him into the fall session tumbling class as well.

In a perfect world we'd have cash laying around and we wouldn't even have to think about it, we'd just do it. The debate and the question I pose to all of you is... would you consider the cost to be worth the benefit? I know nobody can make the decision for us, but it never hurts to get input.

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Anonymous said...

Check the YMCA. Seems no charge when we checked a long time ago.


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