Thursday, May 20, 2010

one point five

It's been a month. Well a day shy of four weeks, or 28 days. I distinctly remember asking the nurse, when she was here, how soon we'd see growth. I believe she said 6-8 weeks or so at the earliest. But, because it's been a month, and because I have a slightly ocd issue with keeping medical notes and records for everything involving the Kiddo, I went ahead and stood him against our measuring chart.

I think I squealed. I'm not really a squealer but can you blame me?? Check it out!
If I did that right (and I did it twice!!) the Kiddo has grown 1 and a 1/2 inches!!! In a MONTH. That's amazing, jaw dropping, I can't quite wrap my head around it. I took a picture to prove it*

Then of course I came off my happy dance high and had the "shoot now I really DO have to buy him new cloths" *grumble*

I'm going to have him stand there again for the Man this evening. To make sure I didn't somehow screw it up. But .... I don't think I did. I think my wee little kiddo is actually growing. Wonders will never cease.

*ignore how cheesy the kiddo is in the picture. He thought I was being crazy, AND he'd only been awake for 20 minutes or so so he was still doing the squinty eye wake up face.


C said...

Wow. An inch and a half! I'd be wondering if I'd measured correctly, too. If the chart hasn't skootched down the wall on saggy tape, and the pencil (or whatever you're using) is level from head to wall, it must be really real, though. Wonderful, wonderful. Now you can show your little man that the shots truly are worth it. Yay! :-)

Lady D said...

that was my thought too, here is a physical thing you can show him so he can see that the pokeys are actually doing something. It's so cool, I wish I could see him!

Gwyneth said...

Double checked the wall chart for sag by measuring with a tape to that first label (since I know how high it's supposed to be from the docs last measurement in March).

Then when the Man re-measured him yesterday at around 6:30pm he was somewhere around a quarter inch shorter then when I measured him.

We had the whole "did you hold the pencil right" conversation and I would swear I did.

So I re-measured this morning, this time holding a level on top of the pencil. Same height as yesterday morning.

Apparently the kid shrinks/compresses with all his jumping around during the day LOL

His grin yesterday and today shows me that he understands and can SEE that he's growing. It's sniffle worthy :)


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