Thursday, January 28, 2010

Todays Randomness

It's Thursday, there are only a couple days left in this month. I STILL do not have my W2 from the temp job I worked last year at the tax commission. I would have thought that a state job would have gotten me my state W2 a lot quicker then this. I'm starting to worry that maybe for some reason it isn't coming and I'm going to have to figure out who to call to find it. That would really make my month!

I've read two books on my Nook. I've decided to call it my Nook Book. I didn't really want a NAME name, but nook sounds so silly and every time I call it that I think of Dr Suiss soooo I might as well call it something that relates to that. I think the only real problem I have with the thing so far is that I'm maybe reading a little TOO much.

The weather is really nice today. No snow, 41 degrees. I'm thinking it's almost nice enough that I'd be willing to take the Kiddo outside to play... almost.. ..

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