Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My NOOK has landed

For the entire last month I've been feeling a little twitchy that I spent as much as I did on something for myself (gift money non withstanding). I hoped and hoped that when my Nook finally got here I would feel better about it.

As of yesterday it's here, finally!! I'm really happy with it so far. I fully charged it before playing with it, and was able to figure out how to do pretty much everything I needed. I put on a screen protector, and a skin, and put it directly into a cover. In the evening I was able to finish up the book I had been reading on the computer... and it was quite a bit easier on the eyes and back to do :)

I even transferred the medical files I have (explaining different things with the Kiddo's conditions) to it so that I will be a bit more likely to actually read them through from start to finish (vs skimming).

Today I have already spent about 30 minutes with a cup of tea reading (while the Kiddo watched his morning show) and my big goal for the day isI plan to figure out how to check out books from the library with it (I am so excited you can do that). I have 12 books on it (all free) and have a feeling I'll be reading far more free or checked out books then purchased ones.

I keep thinking I should name the thing... ideas?


Lynsey :) said...

I'm glad you did something for yourself!

360_gandering said...

Name it???
Well, my computer is sometimes called "Computer", so I suppose it makes sense that you might want to call your Nook "Nook". But then again, if it were mine, I think I'd be tempted to call it "Thing That I Dare Not Drink Cocoa Near" since that references my own personal klutzy tendencies. For you it may be more apt to call it "Thing That I Dare Not Use In Bed If I Am Going To Wash The Sheets Later The Same Day"...
(I know, I know - it took two of you to do that: one to leave the phone there and the other to do the laundry. AND it hasn't happened since. But still .... )

Gwyneth said...

*chuckle* You know, I did have a moment where I thought of naming it

"that thing I dare not leave anywhere where the Kiddo can even almost reach it"


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