Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Driving me..

The Kiddo is driving me crazy. It's my own fault though, well mine and the Mans. See, we took him to the Car Expo again this year (this is year three, it's pretty much a yearly tradition now). And they had a Camaro all decked out like Bumblebee. The Kiddo fell in love, he sat in it and glowed with excitment. He looked everywhere trying to find the button to help the car turn into a robot. The whole time while we looked at the other cars he kept asking when we were going back to get bumblebee.
We let him sit in it one more time before leaving. As we were driving home we heard his little paniced voice from the back seat: "wait! We forgot... we have to go back. We have to go buy my Bumblebee so we can take him home with us!!" I told him that we couldn't buy bumblebee, he cost far more money then we have and he would have to stay back there with the other cars for now. The kiddo responded with a very serious "but daddy has lots of money, daddy can buy him for me". Children... ... *sigh*
In the Ford section of the floor they had the Ford Raptor truck (the Mans dream truck). Last year he saw it and really really liked it, but it was roped off and he couldn't sit in it. This year they had it open to play in. Him and the Kiddo both got in and checked it out.

Just outside of the truck they had an offroad driving simulator. The Kiddo thought surely I'd let him have a turn. I told him he was way to little and they wouldn't let him. He argued. I argued back. Finally he says to me: "well I have an idea then, we can share! You can sit and reach the pedals and I will steer. They HAVE to let us do that, because we can be big enough together". I love him, he thinks outside the box and it makes me giggle. But I still had to tell him no. He was sad for a half second then said "well then I will grow big like daddy and we can come back and then I can drive it".

We, of course, sat in the Dodge Charger. The Kiddo calls it "mommies car". He even let me sit in it by myself. I do love that car. It's rediculously impractical and expensive but hopefully someday I will own one.
And the last picture I'll share is this one of the Kiddo and I in the Dodge Challenger. It's the Mans other dream car and I don't think I'd mind all that terribly if he got it. It is a VERY cool car and feels great to be in. I can only imagine driving the thing *wistful sigh*

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