Tuesday, January 5, 2010

aaand it's Tuesday

Slow posting week, slow anything week really... Sometimes I really wish I had magic medication like the Kiddo does. I mean shoot there he was, looking like he was deathbed sick last week. I gave him the extra doses of his medication and voila next day he's running around good as new. Me, I get a nasty head cold and it just sticks and sticks and sticks... nothing is shaking it!

Anyway I've been trying to rest while taking care of the kiddo. I haven't had a day to sleep in (the Man's schedule is so screwy that there isn't a day when I can make him get up early without feeling guilty) and I'm just trudging along waiting for things to clear up.

I will make a better effort though to be connected. Starting with this story... The other night I let the kiddo have a special movie night. I gave him his water jug and some cracker snacks, and put the dvd player the Mans mom gave us inside his tent. The kiddo told me I had to turn off all the lights for it, which I did. about 10 minutes into the movie I peeked inside the top of the tent and asked him how he was doing in there. His response, "you have to leave the lights off and leave me alone mom, don't bother me till my movie is all done".

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