Sunday, January 24, 2010


The other day on one of the Kiddos cartoon shows they did a story about the tooth fairy. It was a cute story, about how the little boy didn't want her to take his tooth because he didn't know what she was going to do with it. So the characters went to the tooth fairy castle and she explained that she turns teeth into magic dust that gives kids happy dreams. Or something like that.

That afternoon the Kiddo, of course, played a game where him and his stuffy friends were taking a trip to see the tooth fairy. But he needed a sign to say where the castle was. He asked me to write one and I told him that if he needed a sign maybe he should write his own. We got out his crayons and a piece of paper and he asked me how to "write it"

I thought it was a great time to test him on his letters. As you know by now, he knows them all and can write them all easily (given a reference sheet to copy from). I wondered if he would know them and be able to write them without that reference sheet. So I spelled "tooth fairy" out one letter at a time but did not tell him (or show him) what the letter looked like. He surprised me, and was able to write them all. He is such a smart little guy.

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