Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Morning

It's 10:30pm, but I doubt any of you are reading this before Thursday morning... so while it's not exactly morning I'm saying it anyway. The Man has a rough week schedule wise, so I'm sleeping on the couch to keep my coughing from keeping him awake. He needs his sleep so he doesn't punch his boss IF he ever actually sees him.

The Kiddo is making me laugh every day. Usually in the morning he asks to watch Super Why (a kids cartoon on pbs) and I let him because it gives his medication time to work before he eats. But this morning he came to me and woke me up by asking if he could play his vtech game system instead. Actually, what he said was: "mom, wake up, the sun is up mom, it's time to wake up, and I want to play my game mom, not watch tv, but play my game. So can I play my game?"

Yeah I think we're geniuses for buying him that game system, and at the same time I feel guilty that my four year old is playing games like that.

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360_gandering said...

briefs - check
socks - check
tee - check
video game - check
Yup, that's a guy all right!


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