Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Month...

It's a new month. Still no W2, guess I get to call and see what the heck is up with that.

The Man might be starting a new job this month. Nothing fancy, it would be doing the same type of thing he's doing now... don't know for sure yet though so keeping things quiet.

I've decided I need to go buy some number stencils. As good as the kid is with writing his letters, he's equally bad with his numbers. He writes almost all of them backwards and almost illegible. It's extremely frustrating for him and I don't think stencils cost all that much. I'm not sure where to go find them though so I'm open to suggestions.

Kiddo's birthday is this month, I'm actually almost dreading it. I wouldn't mind so much but I know I'm expected to "throw a party" for him and I really don't DO decorations and super fancy cake... Guess we'll see if I feel more enthusiastic about it mid month. I can't even decide what sort of present to get him... I think Christmas tapped me out on gift ideas. That and Lady D has the best idea ever and she's threatened me if I steal it. Hmmm maybe I'll get him some nerf guns, it's a riot watching him and the Man run around the apartment playing soldiers.

Speaking of presents, the Mans mom gave the kiddo one of his presents early. She didn't want to have to hang onto it for 4 weeks. It's a little him sized rocking chair. We put it in the living room and he thinks it's great because it's the only kid sized chair in here.

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Fef said...

Try a teaching store for the stencils. Just a thought. :)


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