Sunday, January 10, 2010

smart? or smarty pants!

The Kiddo's uncle gave him the Handy Manny game for his cyber pocket (hand held game system). He plays that game a lot, it's his current favorite. Though I don't think he's played it for a couple days. Anyway today the Kiddo was playing with his tools (his Grandma gave him a black and decker tool bench with all the tools). He was trying to play Handy Manny and couldn't remember the correct name for the wrench.

He asked me but I couldn't remember (yeah I try really hard to tune that stuff out *chuckle*). So he says to me "hmmm well lets find out then" and he ran to the livingroom and found his game, he plugged in the Handy Manny cartridge, turned it on, and flipped through to the game that features the wrench. He played it for a couple seconds until they said the wrenches name and then looked up with a beaming grin "oh, his name is rusty!, that's right"... then he turns it off and goes back to playing with his tools.

How smart is he!!


Lady D said...

he is really good at problem solving! man the little guy is getting so big *sniff*

Ma Mancini said...

Well, If you considered his parents, I'd put him in the Smarty pants category. :-D he's a really great boy. He's smart and well manered.


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