Thursday, January 21, 2010


Or creepy, you decide..

My vote is super creepy!! *yawn*


360_gandering said...

It just seems dumb to me. One assumes that these bedwarmers would be clean people, and of course the maid service has already touched the linens so having another person touch them is no big deal, but using a person would be less efficient and more costly than using an electric blanket. Electric blankets heat the whole surface of the bed - not just the spot where someone is lying. They cost pennies to run - but a person in a sleeper suit and hair cover is going to get paid a wage.
The only sense this makes to me is as an advertising gimmick. By offering this service for a couple of months the hotel chain is spending the cost of a few employees' wages for a short while, yet getting lots of name-recognition publicity by way of comments in the media and chat among people like us.

Lady D said...

what she said, lol. in addition thats what the hubby is for isnt it? his heat lasts longer anyway


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