Friday, February 26, 2010

February 2010

My computer pooped it. We attempted to re-install the o/s and it told us that it could not be done due to a bad hard drive. My brother and The Man are working on a couple things that may help it. Till then I'll be using this other computer and posting may be sporadic.

We have a pediatrician appointment this afternoon so I should have the kiddo's current height and weight to insert this evening.

The Kiddo had a pretty good birthday. Uncle Taggart sent him a Lego Starwars game, and Auntie D sent him the Tag reading system. He played with one or the other the entire day. I think he read the tag book (it comes with one, we will go shopping for a few more after the doc appt today) four or five times before I finally talked him into putting it away and going to bed.

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