Monday, February 8, 2010


I had a guinea pig when I was a teenager. I loved the little guy, he was cute and friendly and very easy to care for. Lately I've been thinking about maybe getting another one, it would be my pet but I'm sure the kiddo would really enjoy it too. It's mostly just a thought though, and probably not something I will actually do. Having a pet ties you down and makes travel difficult. I don't travel all that much but when I do have the opportunity to I'd really like to be able to just DO it and not have to worry that I don't have anybody nearby I can use as a pet sitter.

The reason I am talking about this very odd subject is this.

My initial reaction was; holy cow that's one big 100lb rodent!

My second reaction was; that's just a little creepy looking, what was cute on a tiny guinea pig is more then odd on a giant one.

And my third reaction was; what really? A heated outdoor rodent house, and it's very own pool? That's some hard core pet committment there!! And I thought dogs were a lot of work.

*click the picture to go to a small slide show of the little guy.

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Anonymous said...

We HAVE a pet.... and HE has a rodent... I mean zuzu pet.... already.


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