Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chips for dinner

Yesterday after the Man got home from work I had to do a really quick grocery store run to get milk. While I was there I passed a giant chip display. I usually glance at them because Doritos seems to be coming out with some really odd flavors lately. It's fun (and relatively inexpensive) to buy a bag of chips and see if these different flavors actually taste the way they are supposed to.

The one that jumped out at me yesterday? Cheeseburger!! I bought it and yeah, it actually does taste like a cheeseburger. They are really really good. Then, last night, I was telling a friend about them and she told me that she had found some chips that were supposed to taste like ketchup fries* Now all we need is some coke flavored chips and we have a whole meal.

*I have not tried these ketchup fries and in no way endorse eating chips as a meal *grin*

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