Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ET phone home

I've got an opinion question for you all.

As pretty much all of you know I have not had a cell phone for over two years. It's been a long time, and I manage to survive the drought by paying extra on my home phone so that I have unlimited long distance.

The other day the Man and I had a conversation about my sis, Lady D, and how she does not have a land line at all. She hasn't had one in a very long time. With that thought in mind we checked out the actual price we pay for our land line (long distance included) vs the price we would pay to add me onto the Man's cell phone plan.

The thing is... if I got on his plan (via tmobile) and we turned off the house phone. We'd actually pay the exact same amount a month. Which seems like a trade up, I would have a cell to use while away from home (important for emergencies that are not quite bad enough for a 911 call, which my current 'turned off' phone will do).

So what do you all think about not having a land line? I don't think it would cost any of you anything different when you call me, and it would not cost me anything different (we priced the unlimited minutes plan).

The other thing to consider is that we could cut out the long distance feature and keep the landline, with just the bare basic minimum, and get me a cell... we would only be paying 15 more a month in bills then we are now.

So what do you think, would it be a good idea to do? If you were me would you get a cell and cut the home phone completely, or would you keep the home phone and pay the extra 15 a month?

I have been trying to decide for almost a week and really can't decide... I have been doing fine without a cell so far, but there are times when I am out that I worry that I have no cell and no way to call doctors or family if it's needed. You don't miss something like that until you actually need it, and then it's really too late... ...

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Fef said...

Hmmm... That is a hard one. Carson and I are on a cell plan only. No land line. I like this root, but I am able to charge my phone at work or at home. There are no chances of it dying and not having a way to be charged.
The plus side to land lines is that you aren't on a phone leash all the time.


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