Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank yous

No real post today. I have finally gotten my taxes done and filed. And more importantly I finally wrote my thank you letters to my grandmothers. I should have done it a month ago, I waited for my Nook to get here (so I could send pictures with the thank you notes and they could see what they helped me buy) but then once it was here every time I had a down moment... well I read! *sheepish smile*

I always hand write my letters because it's more personal. It takes a lot longer to do and it is, consequently, harder to motivate myself to do it. But I kicked myself today, and got it done. I even had the Kiddo write his own thank you notes as well. It's never to early to teach kids to have good manners and be properly respectful to the people who take the time and effort to send them gifts. Plus, well, the Kid really gets a kick out of the fact that he can write. He was VERY proud of himself when the two letters were done.

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