Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Updates for December

Lets see, the Kiddo had an Endocrinologist appointment last Friday. With insurance it cost us all of 5 bucks (co-pay)! He has grown just under an inch since his last visit three months ago, but weighs about the same. Doc said he seems to be doing fine and everything looks to be on track. We don't have another blood test until the end of Feb, and the next doc appointment isn't until the start of March!

Today we take the kiddo into his Dentist appointment. Another 5$ copay, and they'll tell me his teeth look great but yell at me for not flossing him. Well shoot his mouth is kind of small and it's hard to get my hands in there!

Followup flu shot should be this week but might end up being next, it's scheduled for Saturday but the man has drill so that wont work. We'll see when they can reschedule it for and go from there.

We finally got a "good" amount of snow last night, several inches at least. It's snowing as I type this as well. I'm so glad to finally have snow to go with the super cold temperatures.

My balcony is finally completely decorated as well. I had it done a week ago but redid it. See randomly one morning woke up with the idea that I could tie my lawn stake trees to the railing! I've had these things for years but have not used them since moving back to an apartment. It's so hard to decorate a little patio w/out having it look like a silly mass of lights... I think the trees add a nice touch w/out going overboard. Now I have to decide if it's possible (and worth it) to hang my snowflakes from the ceiling above the trees... or if I should just leave it.

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