Monday, December 21, 2009

If you're reading this...

As I'm typing this I'm drinking my morning coffee. It could just as easily have been tea... the reason I mention drinking anything is because I"m thinking, for the hundreth time, how I desperatly need a insulated mug. It's so cold lately that my coffee cools down way quicker then I actually want to drink it. So, if you're reading this mister Man, take a note and go buy me one ;)

Several months ago I posted about bacon in a can. Today I get their product email and find they now have Bacon Flavored POPCORN. How good does THAT sound!! Every time I go to the grocery store lately I try to remember to pick up a box of popcorn, then I usually end up skipping it or forgetting it. Recently I told the Man that I really need an air popper so that the Kiddo and I can snack on healthier popcorn. The fact that they make bacon flavored stuff in the microwave bag makes me want to reconsider that idea. mmmmmmm

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