Friday, December 18, 2009

Picture this

It's that time of year again, the time when I force the Man and the Kiddo to behave themselves for 20 minutes while I take a couple dozen pictures trying to get a good one of us as a family. I send the best one of the bunch out in my Christmas cards.

This year, in an attempt to make them both more comfortable I put them in jammies. The Kiddo loved it and hammed, the Man growled and put up with it. I think we have a good shot and am reasonably happy with them both. Of course I'm not going to put the "official" picture here, you'll have to wait till you get the holiday card for that... I am going to put a few unofficial ones though.


360_gandering said...

So how come YOU aren't wearing jammies? What's good for one is good for all, right?

Gwyneth said...

well the Man apparently hates plaid (who knew!) and so since I wanted him and I to match I had to compromise. My "jammies" are the black t shirt and my pants - dark gray with moose on them :) The man wore the same "jammies"


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