Thursday, December 10, 2009

a Nook cook book*

Barns and Noble just came out with their very own version of an e-reader, it's called Nook. I really like it, in fact it's my hippopotamus for this year. I've read the reviews, and yes there are a few bugs they are still working out. I expected that, it's 1.0 programming after all, but I think most of the buggyness will be fixed by the time I've managed to scrape together enough to buy one. My evil "buy one" plan involves any Christmas money I get this year, and possibly selling the Kiddo to the highest bidder.

I have an evil plan every year though so we'll have to wait and see if this one actually happens or not.

*from Dr Seuss One Fish, Two Fish


360_gandering said...

Does that work like the Amazon Kindle? On that one you buy the book and read it on the reader whenever you want, but then you can't resell it or give it to a friend to read. I can see the Kindle being great for college text books or news/governmental publications but not for my regular reading. Is the Nook a better setup?

Gwyneth said...

It works pretty much the same as the kindle. You can loan books, but only once and only to one person so that feature is pretty silly.

I think I like the ereader idea because a) it really minimizes the amount of space your books take up.
And B I can't really afford to buy books (I know, I know, the amount you spend on the reader would buy tons and tons of books).. there are many many web sites where you can get ebooks for free or extremely inexpensive.

My last reason is silly right now but if Lady D gets one too (which she has sort of thought would be cool) then we can have them registered onto the same account. If they are registered onto the same account them we both can read all the books on that account. We're the only people we loan books to so it's almost the same as buying a real book then mailing it to her (without the mail cost).


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