Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Christmas

Well I felt awful and crabby Christmas morning... AFTER we did gifts though... why you ask? Because the transformers the kiddo got are nearly impossible to transform!! (though maybe that's just my old person brain talking). I am hoping that the more times I do it the easier it is and/or that the kiddo figures out how to do it himself and stops asking me! Other then that Christmas this year was great! The inlaws gave me a new George Foreman grill (woohoo, thanks goes out to the Man who gave his mom the idea). My wonderful brother read my mind (from a different state, THAT is skill!) and sent us some chocolate and nuts mmmm (I have been craving those since the Christmas season began). My lil sister gave me a gift card and a snowman kit (love *grin*). My twinner gave me some cash and some very snuggly slippers. The man and kid gave me cash. My father in law gave me cash. My folks gave me cash... where is this going you ask? Wellllll between all those people plus a little money from my grandma I actually DO have enough to buy myself the Nook. I do!! I am SO very excited. Lady D is going to get one too and we will put them on the same account (doubling our library) and get to share the whole experience together.

The gift card from my little sis could be used to help pay for the nook BUT since I think I have enough with the cash little sis is buying me a cover for the Nook!!! That way my pricey investment is protected. Now I just have to decide on which cover I want. Oh and of course, Lady D (being obnoxious) pointed out that I 'could' buy a skin for it too. *sigh*

Speaking of skins... she also sent a website where you can create your own. I wonder if they'd make this one or if they'd scream copyright infringment and slap me ... ?

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