Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree Festival

We've gone pretty much every year since we moved here. I suppose it's a tradition of sorts. This year I mentioned to Lady D that I thought we might skip it, things are tight and it feels like a splurge. She said that while it may be a splurge, it's one for the kid and it's season/time specific so I better get off my butt and take him or she'd kick me. So we took him. It was beautiful and amazing and I hope someday we are in a place where we can donate a tree (they sell them and the proceeds go to the childrens hospital).

He loved it! It's amazing to notice the different in how he reacts to it each year, last year he looked and wanted to touch all of them. This year he pointed out his favorites and stared around in awe at all the lights, he also noticed a lot more of the little things and detailed parts of the trees. Snowman tree, little tiny snowman... such a cute tree.
This tree was so pretty, and I loved the message.
Of course trains everywhere, that made the kiddo very happy.
The man found one tree he really liked, nascar *chuckle*
I really need to get my butt to the eye doc so I can get some clear contacts, otherwise I love this picture. Sure it took 5 tries to get him to smile, but it was worth it!
I don't know why but I love nativities. This one is I think my favorite of any I have seen.
The coolest "tree". It's rock ledges with tinsel waterfall.. I really liked it.
We did the gingerbread walk last, I did take a picture of the castle just like last year but this one was really cool, and my favorite! I love that it's so simple.

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