Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I saw, I conquered

I have to say I think I may finally be getting a handle on the Kiddos Adrenal Insufficiency condition. The quick version of the story goes like this, with a reminder of how things work...

The Kiddos condition means that when he gets sick his body has more trouble handling the sickness. Usually, with a cold or what not, you wont really see any difference in how he behaves with extra medication or with a normal amount. Which is due to the fact that his body can deal with things on it's own (with normal medication amounts) fairly easily. But, because it doesn't hurt, and it definitely helps, we Triple Dose him when we see that he is sick (or stressed).

Keeping the above in mind, yesterday morning, at his 6am medication time, I gave him a triple dose of of his Hydrocortizone. As I wrote in my post yesterday his fever wasn't really staying away, medication was cooling it but then it would pop back up as soon as the meds wore off. Anyway we usually dose him twice a day (6 and 6) but yesterday I decided to give him an extra triple dose at 1. He was so lethargic and bla laying on the couch and I couldn't help thinking that he was acting like all the books/articles said he should feel if his cortisol levels are low. I've never seen him act like that BECAUSE of low levels, and I have definitely not seen him improve just because I gave him a dose of hydrocortizone. But yesterday, when I made that call to give him extra, thirty minutes later he was up and about and acting like he felt a lot better.

At 330 the Endochornologist finally called me back and he was very happy with me making that decision. He said it was exactly right and that we should continue a 3 times a day dosing schedule through the week. I am extremely excited that from all my reading I ended up understanding enough of how things work to know that I was supposed to give him that extra dose and to actually (for the first time since all this began) SEE the difference the medication can make.

Right after that, at 4, my mother in law took us to see the pediatrition. the Kiddo told her and the nurse, quite a few times that he had "an issue" and she needed to fix it. She did a swab in his mouth and said he has Strep!! They gave him a shot of antibiotics, and sent us on our way. Last night the kiddo was spunky as his usual healthy self but went to sleep pretty hard when I put him to bed.

This morning I asked if is head hurt still or if he felt sick anymore. He said: "no, I feel fine, the Doctor worked, I feel better then I did the other yesterday, I have no more issues"

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