Monday, December 28, 2009


Kiddo is sick again!! That makes twice in one month, which is extremely odd for him. He was a little tired and had no appatite for dinner last night so I probably should have suspected something was up. I did a little, which would be why I was still awake when he was up at 11, and then when he threw up at 12... Long story short kiddo had a fever and upset stomach several times. After two sheet changes I put him on the bathroom floor with some towels and sat with him all night. He seemed to be feeling a bit better this morning, asking for breakfast. But then his temperature rose again and so I have planted him in front of the tv on some plastic and towels and am letting him rest and veg. I hope he feels better soon, if he doesn't then I will have to call my mother in law and ask her to take us to the doc.
*pic is from last night after dinner and just before bedtime. He wanted to play napping in his tent with skits (the dog).

Update: yep still sick. The Kiddo's endo called back finally and said we really should take him in to his ped doctor just in case the fever is being caused by an infection or something that can be treated. I'm sure it'll be a "waste of time" but since we have insurance I am willing to do it. Expecially since he's holding this fever for a lot longer then he usually does.
this is him as I type this, on the couch zoned out cuddling the babydoll his grandma gave him for Christmas.

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