Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

I hope everybody has a relaxing and cozy day today. I am mostly prepared for our visit at the inlaws this evening. I really hope they like the breadsticks I bought to go along with dinner. We usually get together and have a quick/easy meal (pizza this year) and I got some store bought bread breadsticks (vs the kind you have to cook). My thoughts are that it will be easier on everybody if we dont have to use the oven for the bread AND the pizza :)

I spent the evening yesterday making cookies so the Man could take some into work. I made dark chocolate chunk mini cupcakes with peppermint kisses, and cherry cordial kisses.
I also made Nutmeg logs. Which are one of my personal favorite... they are very easy but very time consuming.
And I made Forgotten Cookies (also called meringue cookies, or spp's depending on who you are). I made them perfect!.. On the top cookie sheet that is, somehow I burned the bottom sheet. Of course the Man took every single one of the top sheet cookies with him to work so I don't get to eat any of the good ones. I am glad he didn't take the burned ones but I do wish he would have left just a couple of the good ones. He didn't know though so I can't really be upset with him about it... just upset with my luck.

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Lady D said...

still gotta make the nutmeg logs but I did some cookie baking of my own. Made the yummy chocolate mini cupcake cookies, made ginger snaps too. In addition to the nutmeg logs I also have been craving snickerdoodles. BUT more then all those I've been craving some Lebkutchen cookies. Maybe mama can hook you up with the recipe and you can make me some ;)


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