Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday S.O.S. (5-3)

I love Sundays as far as picture days go, they are SOS (show off Sundays) and you get to see the most beautiful shots over at HSMSHS and there's really no constraints on what you can post. The hardest part sometimes is picking just one. Today I'm going to go ahead and do two because... well... because I can *grin*
I've been sitting on this one for awhile. I took it and then couldn't decide if I like it or not. But I think I do so I'm keeping it.

The next set of picture (below) have a thought to go with them. You know when people ask you what your favorite season is? I always think about it and usually it's a tie between spring and fall. Then when it IS spring I remember that the majority of my feelings for this season go something along the lines of "holy criminy what the heck is up with the weather, would it just PICK a temperature already! And for crying out loud will my eyes and nose and throat ever stop itching!!" .. .. ..

But the trees flower, and the tulips open, and the grass finally starts to green up.. I suppose those are the things I remember when it isn't spring and I'm thinking about it. So ask me my favorite season right now and I'll probably say fall, ask me in two months and I'll be on the fence again.

So what's your favorite season? (Said knowing full well at least half of you are stuffy and sneezy with itchy eyes).


Liz said...

Beautiful shots of the flowers. My fave season would be autumn. I love all the changing colours.

Bobs said...

I think blossom is soooooo beautiful and I love how you have captured it.

Great shots.


Heather said...

fall is my favorite. good shots!

Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful photos!

Gez said...

Great photos. I love all the seasons. That's a hard question! either Spring or Autumn - can I say both! xx

The Man said...

That's easy - SUMMER!!!!

That's cuz the 'kinis, skirts, Shorty-shorts, and tank tops make for great scenery (and pretty decent pics too, ;))

But then, what do I know... I'm just The Man. LOL


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