Wednesday, May 20, 2009

good things and bad things

I just remembered why I hate summer here... Here being the apartments we live in. Which usually I don't mind at all. The reason I hate it, is the lawn... the great big green patch of grass that they mow at friggin 7am every single Wednesday morning.

In an attempt at a positive mental frame of mind today, as I crankily woke up to the noise of the mower AND the kid sitting on my head (since the mower wakes him up too), I thought to myself... at least I'm not on the ground floor! If it's that loud and intrusive on the third floor how ticked would I be if I lived right down next to it!?

Nothing much going on, I really should go do a news story browse in an effort to entertain you all. But I probably wont. The last time I did that I ended up reading about the 66 year old woman who got invitro in order to have a child. I'm all for adults making adult decisions but are you kidding me??!! When that kid is 15 the mom is gonna be 81! I'm not so optimistic about her ability to parent a teenager. Let alone the being made fun of that kid is going to go through in school when the other kids find out how old his/her mother is. Some people just take selfishness to a whole new level.

Instead of leaving you with that note I'll leave you with this... Technology is great! The Man has been gone for a week and a half at this point, home in four days. The kiddo crosses off days on a little printed out calender every day after breakfast to help him count down the days till daddy comes home. He also gets to talk to the Man on the phone nearly nightly... but the best thing?? The web cam. The Kiddo and his daddy had a very nearly hour and a half long conversation the other night, all via the internet. Just before saying goodbye the Kiddo ran to his room and got his camera so he could take a picture of "talking to daddy in the computer". The quality of the photo is crap, but that's because it was taken by a four year old with a 3 mp digital camera... you get the idea though ... I Love my Kiddo and my Husband.

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