Friday, May 15, 2009

The coolest Dentist..

Took the Kiddo to his first dentist appointment today. I waited an extra month to get an appointment at this dentist vs the other one less then a block away. I'd read some really good reviews on how well they treat the kids and how cute their office was.

It was definitely worth the wait!! The waiting room and office areas are sooo cute and the Kiddo adored every single one of the staff. He cooperated and was perfect with the girl who took xrays of his teeth, top bottom AND sides (I guess most kids his size/age don't handle the side xtrays very well and they usually have to skip them).

I took a few photo's for you to check out, one of the waiting room area.
And one of the Kiddo in the exam chair. There is a tv in the ceiling above him so when they laid him down to look in his mouth he got to watch Bolt! He didn't want to leave.
I wish I'd gotten one of him in the xray apron, it was SO cute it covered him from head to ankle so just hit little head showed. But I felt silly taking so many pictures so didn't take one.

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Lady D said...

pretty fancy smancy doctors office, I hope there is one like that near me when I finally have need of it. I am glad the visit went well, it's so hard to get kids to brush their teeth long enough and it seems like you have the munchkin off to a good start.


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