Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dogs life

The little Man has been pretending he's a dog almost non stop lately. Ever since we let him watch Bolt (over and over and over for what feels like must have been a month strait). He scoots around the house on his hands and knees (ow). He barks to talk (and will argue with you, in bark speak, when you ask him to use a people word because you don't understand dog speak). He also constantly demands his food in a bowl on the floor (yeah um doesn't happen often folks).

Recently him and I built him a fort out of his cranium foam tubes. The first one we built was a house (he actually does the cubes, then I put on the tarps for him).. a house that was a bed.
The second one was a giant square play house (no picture). The third day he rebuilt the cubes and I put on a curved roof for him because my neck was starting to get a crink from sitting in these short little houses. This one isn't a people house... I've been told it's his dog house.
He wont let me take it down. Every night he asks if he can eat dinner in the dog house. Every night I tell him no. Last night I told him (since he'd finished his burger) that he could take his water and his carrot sticks in it to eat them. He was over the moon happy. I took a picture :D

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Heather said...

That is so flippin cute!


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