Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In sickness and...

not in health. I'm sick folks. The Man flew back home on Saturday afternoon and we spent a great day relaxing and getting used to having him back in the house. Sunday the Kiddo came down with a really bad cold (fever, runny nose, and general icky'ness). Monday it was my turn (and thankfully the Man took the kid with him to visit his parents so I got to spend the entire afternoon sleeping).

Today I'm feeling about 50% better, though I'm still a little off. So it's a short post to say that yes I'm still alive, but apparently my sense of humor isn't... You wonder what I'm talking about? Well this morning as I sat and browsed the news I came across this story. I laughed for a good five minutes, possibly due to medication induced sillies.. or more likely because I've got a mean streak and it was just plain funny.

Note to self, when it Beijing don't threaten suicide unless you actually WANT to end up dead... Though technically this guy didn't die, he landed on a air bag. Still it's worth a mental note I think.

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Lady D said...

thats awesome!!! and so true, sometimes it amazes me how self centered some people are. Kudos to the pusher for taking action though hopefully he knew there was something down below to break the SOB's fall.


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