Friday, May 1, 2009

Saturday S.P.S. (5-2)

Okay rather then skip a day, even though I don't really have any arty self portraits (remember Saturdays are sps over at HSMSHS "someones portrait Saturday") I'm going to put up a shot of the kiddo. It's really kind of a horrible photo (quality wise) but I love it, he wanted (read as demanded) me to take a picture of him and his giraffe. He was given the stuffy a couple years ago and just recently he's named the giraffe kiki and was lugging it around for several hours playing when this photo was taken. Yep he's a full blown ham and if he has to use his Innocent stuffies as an excuse to get his photo taken he'll do it!


Liz said...

He's so sweet and Kiki the Giraffe is cute too.

Gez said...

Awe what a great photo. Definately one to treasure. :-)


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