Monday, July 25, 2011

Growing pains

Recently we changed pharmacies the one we have now ships a three month supply of medication at one time which is convenient. The bad part of that is that when they sent his growth hormone medication the needles they included were a size larger then the ones we had been using.

bigger needles

They are a a tiny bit thicker and about a third longer. The Kiddo doesn’t have enough fat on his arms and legs for us to give him a shot without a little ouch going along with it. He holds up as well as usual though and doesn’t fight getting them -though on two shot day (half a dose from a nearly empty pen the other half from a new one) he gets a little extra unhappy. We’ve started keeping a bin with tiny circle band-aids near where we keep the rest of the shot equipment. When we order his next batch of medication we will request smaller needles and keep our fingers crossed that they send them…

The other day we finally put up the Kiddos growth chart. With those bigger needles I thought the Kiddo might need some visual confirmation of what the shots are doing for him. That and his three month endocrinologist visit was coming up and I wanted to see how much he had grown since the last one in April. We stood him against the wall, put the level on top of the pencil and made a mark. Then we put the green sticky in place and measured - One and a quarter inches!!

Surprisingly enough during the weigh and measure at the docs office on Friday we found that our at home measurement was right on the money. The kiddo has officially gotten back to his over an inch every three months growth pattern. He was so excited he jumped up and down.

7-16-2011 1.75 inch growth since april (2)7-16-2011 1.75 inch growth since april (4)

6 1/2 years old and he is now 43 inches tall and 43 pounds.

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Anonymous said...

pressure on the shot area for about 1 min after the shot makes a big difference in the residual pain. :)


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