Friday, July 22, 2011

mini vacation

The Mans schedule has changed around so often this month that he hasn’t had more then one day off at a time in quite awhile. Generally when he *does* have a day off he ends up with at home work he has to do for one of his jobs or another. That means we haven’t had much in the way of family time for several weeks. The Kiddo was getting needy, and we were all feeling a bit stressed out. This week the Mans schedule shifted again, but because of the way his boss does the schedule he actually ended up with three days off in a row!! Granted he works his second job this morning but he calls that his fun job and it doesn’t detract from the mini vacation feel of the weekend.

7-21-2011 after transformers 3 movie

Yesterday was day one of the three days off and we decided to squeeze a vacation activity into the budget so we took the Kiddo to the theater to see Transformers 3, he’s been asking for months (even before it was out) and we thought it would be fun. One large popcorn, three tickets, and some smuggled in water. It was a great movie we thoroughly enjoyed it, so did the Kiddo he didn’t stop grinning for hours.

After we got home we decided to take Cupcake out for a game of fetch. Her birthday was this past Tuesday, we don’t do much for dog birthdays but we did give her a new rawhide and we took her for her very first off leash outdoors game of fetch. She did well, there are a lot of smells out in the central commons area of the complex but she brought the ball back almost every time and didn’t run off at all (whew). So we decided yesterday that we would take her out again, wear her out a little. I love watching her run to get the ball, she’s fast and looks so happy.

7-21-2011 fetch (2)7-21-2011 fetch (1)

7-21-2011 fetch (4)

The Kiddo bikes with us to get out there (hence the helmet in the pictures) and then he likes to try to run with her to get the ball. He’s nowhere near as fast but it’s good exercise for him and he laughs the whole way.

Today is day two of the mini vacation. The Man is still at work (he’ll be home around 1 I think) and then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do with the day. I think we’ll go visit the Kiddo’s friend Theo for an hour or two this afternoon, then at 3 the Kiddo has an Endocrinologist visit where we’ll get the official numbers on his past three months worth of growth. I’ve got the unofficial amount but I’m keeping it under my hat till tomorrows post because I’m always off by about half an inch.

Tomorrow is day three of the mini vacation and we’ll be spending a large part of it at the in-laws having a bbq. The Kiddo will have fun playing with his cousins (they have an above ground pool) and hopefully we’ll get in some high quality family time and relaxing.


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