Monday, July 11, 2011

Six Months

It’s been about six months since the kiddo broke his leg. Last Friday was his four months checkup since after the cast came off . From the top view you can't even see the break anymore, and from the side you can SEE the new bone growth. It helps me feel less nervous that he’s going to break it again while it’s still healing.

Broken femur healing 7-8-2011 (1)Broken femur healing 7-8-2011 (2)

Doc said he is doing amazing, him and his residents spent some time bending both his legs around and marveling at how symmetrical his flexibility is. Apparently there is usually a problem with that, but not with the Kiddo… because when he does something he does it well!! When he broke it he broke it well, and now that he’s heeling his body is determined to do that well also.

The doctor said that the foot pain the Kiddo has been experiencing is probably due to somewhat flat feet combined with an odd gait caused by the difference in leg length and the unusual pressure it puts on his feet. Nothing much we can do for that but keep an eye on it and wait.

Of course healing a big bone takes a couple years so we’ll keep going in for checkups, the next one will be in January. Until then we’ll continue to nag him to stretch a bit each day, sit right, and walk right. I think the one change we’ll have to make is to buy him new shoes. If the flat foot is part of the pain problem, and the difference in length is causing pressure problems, then good quality shoes should help with that. No more $9 walmart specials for awhile *sigh*

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