Saturday, July 2, 2011


The Kiddo made a new friend the other day. Of course that part isn't a surprise, he makes friends every day (shoot last night he made friends with a little old lady named Fawn). This particular friend though is his age (!) and more to the point I can talk with his mom without the panic "get me OUT" feeling.

Even better her sister has Addison's... I'm not celebrating that she has the same medical condition the Kiddo has* I'm celebrating that somebody is familiar with the condition and knows a little bit about why we are so careful with the Kiddo (i.e. supervised play outside, no sleepovers yet, etc.).

So we traded phone numbers, and found out which apartment he lives in. She's a very nice woman and not to much younger then I am so it's possible we could be friends as well. That could be nice, a friend within walking distance.

As I mentioned her son is the Kiddo's age. He is about a head taller though, and has extreme ADHD. He's a wired little kid I'll say that much. He seems basically like a good one though, and she parents him pretty much the same way I parent the Kiddo. I think on Monday we'll go find out if he can play and see if they continue to get along. Then I'll have more pictures of him playing WITH somebody and less of him all by himself ...

*Addison's is adrenal insufficiency caused by the adrenal glands, they also call it primary adrenal insufficiency, and people with this condition usually have a harder time controlling their cortisol level then those with secondary. Secondary is closer to what the Kiddo deals with, his is caused by his Pituitary gland not functioning and seems to impact him in a more controlled way.

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