Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The Kiddo loves our new place, he has asked me many times if we can live here forever. I’m not sure about forever but I don’t see us moving anytime soon, I’ll bet we stay here at least five more years.

He has done a few odd things since our move here though. The first week or so he would close the bathroom doors. He said that he wanted to keep the ghosts in (or out) and that’s why he was doing it. He’s also had to have his bright night light on all night every night since the move. I thought maybe it was because he was in a new room, but really his room looks exactly the same as his old one so I can’t see why it would bother him.

It was suggested to me that I help him create a “no monsters allowed” sign for his bedroom. The theory being that adults create boundaries and they are obeyed (by kids, dogs, etc). So if an adult helps a kid to create a ghost boundary then it will be obeyed and they will stay out.

7-5-2011 gargoyle protection (2)Auntie D had a better idea, she mailed him a tiny Gargoyle. She wrote him a note about how gargoyles exist to guard against lost spirits and that if he puts his new baby gargoyle in his room then the ghosts and monsters will be kept out.

7-5-2011 gargoyle protection (1)

The Kiddo LOVES him. He has temporarily named him Gar, and asked to put him on a string so he could wear him and not lose him.

We set a nail into the wall at the top of the Kiddo’s bed for Gar to hang on at night. The Kiddo has the option to wear him during the day or “let him rest” on his nail.

It will be interesting to see if Gar can help the Kiddo’s worry about ghosts diminish. I think it will, like most kids he has a firm belief in heroes and magical things.


C said...

Well, you're down at ground level now, so there is going to be more ambient noises and more light sources casting shadows through his window, and with his imagination it wouldn't take much for something disagreeable to emerge from that. Congratulations to Auntie D for coming up with a solution to help beat back the bugbear.

Fef said...

Poor Kid-o. I know when I first got to the new place I was fascinated and also thought it a bit creapy. New sounds and feel compared to the farm. :) I love Auntie D's idea for the gargoyle.

Lady D said...

I've had my gargoyle chimes since we moved up to flagstaff way back when. I keep them hanging next to my front door and he protects the house from all negative spirits. I dont know how hard mine actually has to work at it but everybody tells us how warm and welcoming our house is. I'm glad he likes the little guy, let me know if he helps.


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