Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Running around

The Kiddo told me that he is now the Man of the house. I asked him what he thought that meant and he said the man of the house protects the family and gets to have the remote so he can tell his family what they can watch on TV. I have to laugh, apparently he’s got a high opinion of a mans duties. Of course he redeemed himself a little when after dinner he demanded to wash the dishes because “the man of the house also washes the dishes!”

7-10-2011 soccer practice (1)….7-10-2011 soccer practice (2)

Unfortunately the real Man of the house has been extremely busy lately and the Kiddo hasn’t done much in regards to learning to play soccer (we signed him up for a team and games start at the end of August). I have decided that the most important thing is him knowing how to kick the ball without falling over. So once a day I take him out, we walk around the inside play area and he kicks the ball along as we go. It’s not organized, I have no idea if he’s “doing it right” but as long as he remains standing while he does it I’m calling it a success.

7-10-2011 reading

We are still doing our daily reading, I try hard not to schedule or force him to do it. The Kiddo is very good at randomly going to read and I want him to keep that habit. I think it’s silly to have set reading times when reading is recreational. We’re also still doing daily math, either addition or subtraction. He is really proud of how well he does and can’t wait until he gets a chance to show off to his grannie (I’m not sure why but he seems to think she is the one who will be most impressed with his skills… maybe it’s because I tell him he gets his brains from her).

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