Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinosaur trees

7-24-2011 shadow dinosaur

The other morning the Kiddo ran to get me to show the dinosaur tree shadow on our patio fence. He spent quite a bit of time watching the wind blow the shadow move up and down (mouth opening and closing). He thought it was so cool that I took a picture to share.

Last week was the finals week of my management class, it was a little messy with individual paper and two group group papers. Obviously not much blogging was done between that and taking the kiddos go play with his new friend.

7-25-2011 hanging out with theo

Theo has really bad ADHD but the Kiddo is so laid back that they get along pretty well and seem to enjoy spending time together. They ride bikes outside and play on the slides and in the sand. It’s fairly hot out and the Kiddo can be a little sensitive to extreme temperatures so they also spend time indoors playing in Chances room or watching tv over at Theo’s house. It’s nice to sit and chat with another adult and hear the two kids playing quietly together.

7-26-2011 size 11 feet

Also it was time to get the Kiddo new shoes, we knew that already but hadn’t realized how much his feet had grown until we used a kids measuring device. Last year we bought him 10.5 shoes, a little bit for his size 10 feet but comfortable with growing room. When we measured him last week his big toe hit the 11, so we’re buying him 11.5 shoes. I found a website online that sells wide shoes and they had a few on sale so we bought him new sandals and a pair of lace up tennies. In a perfect world I’d also get him some Velcro closure shoes but we’ll have to do that one later.

7-30-2011 new soccer shoesWe also hit the nearest Big 5 and bought him some soccer shoes and shin guards. He was beyond excited during the trip. Of course they don’t sell wide kids soccer shoes but the Adidas seemed to have enough give in the sides to fit well and he liked them a lot because they have “claw marks which make them cooler then all the rest in the whole world.”

We finally received information about his fall season. His team is going to be wearing lime green (sweet! His and my favorite color) and his first practice is tomorrow, Wednesday, evening. His first game is this coming Saturday. Then there will be a two week break from games but the Kiddo will miss two practices because him and I will be on vacation ... he’ll be home in time for one practice before his second game on the 27th. I hope he has fun playing, tries hard and does well... I can’t wait to take pictures of him in his uniform.

Among those things we’ve also continued to work on Math (he did a sheet of word problems the other day and my jaw hit the floor!). He played dress up at target (Captain America woohoo).

7-26-2011 subtraction word problems7-26-2011 captain america

We had a bbq at the in laws and he played ladder ball with his cousin (they had so much fun). And we hit the book store to buy him a few traveling books for our trip… He wanted to bring some of his library books and I told him I would prefer we didn’t (what if we accidentally left one behind when we come home?) and that I would buy him a few new ones instead.

7-30-2011 playing ladder ball7-31-2011 books

Now it’s a new month and it’s going to be a full one with our vacation, soccer, and the start of school for the Kiddo (he’ll be in first grade this year *sigh*). We’ve still got to call the school and see when they want to set up his 504 plan for his medication, but other then that I think we’re ready.

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