Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slam the snail

I’m not sure how many of you remember his “friend” Butterfingers, for a long time any fly he saw was his friend and he would be happy and excited. Fortunately the phase has ended and The Kiddo has decided that flies don't make good friends.

The bad news part of that is now having a fly in the house makes him gag. If he’s eating when he sees the fly he’ll stop and wont take another bite until the man or I “catch the fly and put it outside”. If we try to make him eat he’ll gag with every mouthful. If he’s not eating he’ll still randomly gag until the fly is gone.

7-13-2011 slam the snail friend

The good news is that now he has a new friend, this one is far less yucky AND stays outside. He’s a snail, his name is Slam. He was crawling across our patio the other day and the Kiddo made friends through the slider. The next morning the snail was making his way up the mesh of the screen door. That’s when he was christened Slam and became a friend/pet. The next day (pictured) the snail was sitting on the inside of the door screen hanging out. Now he’s somewhere along the outside edge of the sliding door so we can’t open it without smooshing him. I’m not to annoyed because it’s 90+ degrees outside so we don’t go out on the patio anyway. The Kiddo is ecstatic because every morning he gets to say hi to his “outside pet” and talk to him. He really is an odd child.

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