Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drawing: what do you see?

I finished quite a bit of this weeks school work done early so I could spend a little time drawing.


This is the finished product. Well almost finished product anyway, I’m very rarely happy with anything I draw… I always end up fiddling with them, little changes here and there.

The Man says he really likes it but he saw something completely different from what I ‘intended’ when I set out to draw. That’s fine, art is largely what the viewer sees . Oddly enough the Kiddo sees the picture the same way The Man does, though he invented a long drawn out story to go with it.

So what do you see when you look at it? And of course, what do you think?

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C said...

It's a Japanese guy from long ago, taking a walk, with a blossoming cherry tree in the foreground, other trees nearer him, and mountains in the distance.

I'm not sure that the shape of the tree is really cherryish, but that was my first thought ... probably because cherry blossoms and Japan seem to go together.


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