Thursday, March 10, 2011

Term 2 – How’s it going?

I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone. Mrs. S expresses concern over how the Kiddo does in class, how his focus is non existent and he can’t pay attention or finish his work. When we hand her a form to fill out to assess his behavior she fills it out with mostly average scoring. But she still expresses concern over how he will do in first grade. Then we get his progress report for Term 2.

3-9-2011 Kindergarten progress report term 2  (1)3-9-2011 Kindergarten progress report term 2  (2)

Gotta say it looks like he’s doing pretty well. All of his grades, save one, are set as the equivalent of an A. I’m fairly certain the area he was graded a 1 in was a fluke (the testing for these grades was done his first week back to school after his broken leg). So I have a strait A kindergartener with a reading level above average (he is the ONLY one in class reading at a level C and really those are to easy for him).

I am completely twisted up over what to do about him. Follow the plan or shove him ahead? It feels like a lose lose any way we do it.

This evening is our teacher conference, I wonder what we’ll talk about?


Lady D said...

you will talk about what you just said,,, "to keep him behind or send him ahead" and if you keep him behind how you will continue to challenge him while you allow him to develope the social skills that he is missing. it will be ok, Ms S seems like the type who will listen to your concerns. good luck with the ptc cant wait to hear how it goes!

Taemin said...

The way you put it, it almost sounds like a trade-off: social skills or academic skills?
...except, I thought you said all the kids liked him? He may be missing skills, but if that were true then it doesn't sound like he has any major deficits.

Gwyneth said...

T - when I say social skills I don't mean the ability to make friends (shoot we'll be standing in line at the store and he'll introduce himself to the person in front of us and ask if they can be friends lol). What I mean is that he hasn't quite figured out how to raise his hand before speaking out, or not get upset when he hasn't finished his work before it's time to put it away. Or not have random giggle fits in the middle of class (for example from daydreaming about something funny that happened at another time).

Taemin said...

That makes more sense. And you were able to observe the class some when you were helping with his cast-issues, so you'd know if he were less developed in that area. Rather than taking the teacher's word on it.

I don't envy you your decision. Good luck!


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