Friday, March 25, 2011

hmm 3D eyes

I have a feeling of guilt when I think about the things the Kiddo wont ever experience. There aren't many of them, really only one I can think of. 3D. Yep, if you can't see out of both eyes then you can't see in 3D. Of course I haven't yet gone to see a 3D movie, and don't know that I'd be sold on a 3D tv either.

The 3D Nintendo DS system though... that could be fun. And for all those parents out there just hankerin to get their young ones the newest and best it's the golden ticket. Except maybe it isn't...

Check out the warning on the system box:

"3D Mode for ages 7+. Warning: Viewing of 3D images by children 6 and under may cause vision damage. Use the parental control feature to restrict the display of 3D images for children 6 and under."

Something about younger childrens vision still developing at that age and not knowing what it'll do to that development to have them staring at 3D stuff all day. Which makes me wonder..., who in their right mind buys an under 6 year old a gazillion dollar hand held game system?

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