Thursday, March 24, 2011


February 15th, two weeks after the Kiddo fell and broke his leg we took him in to the orthopedic surgeon to make sure the his the bones were lined up correctly and hadn’t shifted any since the cast was put on. Everything looked as expected; the doctor said it looked great and that he wanted to see us in two more weeks to check on how it was healing.

broken femer healing 2-15-2011 (2)

This second picture is from that visit, March 11th, one month after he broke it. At first glance it almost looks the same as the first picture don’t you think? But look closer at the ends of the two pieces, can you see the ‘blurry’ sections? The doctor told us that’s the bone healing, and that he’s pleased and a little surprised by how quickly it’s happening.

broken femer healing 3-11-2011 (2)

He said that the Kiddo’s leg would be healed enough to remove the cast by March 25th, if we wanted. Though he said if we didn’t think we could keep the Kiddo calm then it might be a good idea to leave it on for the full two months, removing it April 8th, instead.

We thought about it, oh what a pain in the butt it’s been (!!) *sigh* But realistically, can anybody honestly say that they can keep a six year old calm and moving carefully?? I don’t know that we could; Oh we could try, we could yell at him constantly to be careful and to slow down… but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t help.

As bad as it is to keep him locked down two “extra” weeks, we decided it was the safer plan. For his safety, our sanity, and probably our finances. I mean think of it like this, to keep it on doesn’t cost anything… take it off and have him injure himself again? Ooops there we go, more copays and doctor visits. We’re looking at a slow physical recovery anyway, why risk it possibly being longer?... Good news though is that the doctor did say that the Kiddo wont need a physical therapist, he’ll just need practice and patience while he works his muscles back into form. I’m planning to implement required daily family walks.. the Man probably wont like it much (I wont blame him either) but if we all go then the dog will get her exercise and one of us can pay close attention to the Kiddo and how he’s doing.

This week sometime, hopefully, we’ll be heading to the hospital again. We have a bone density xray that needs to be done before the Kiddo’s next Endo visit. We’ll be going to the same hospital we took the Kiddo to right after he first broke his leg, with a little luck we can get a copy of that xray too. If we do I’ll post it so you all can see.

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Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

Man, dems pictures are scary! But I'm so glad he's healing and I think you're right to keep it on him for the last two weeks. Keeping a 6 yr old still and careful? Hah! Not likely! Good luck and good healing!


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