Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy St Patrick’s (One week Late)

3-4-2011 last dinner before she left out to eat sushi (4)

St. Pat’s day is one of my favorites, I always loved the green mac and cheese. Of course when I was older it was the green beer. And now that I’m a boring older “adult” it’s because everybody wears green, and green is my favorite color.

3-17-2011 St  Patricks Day (2)

The kiddo was especially lucky this year, with his cast and wheelchair situation he very rarely wears shoes, that means not only did he get to wear his new green shirt (thanks again Uncle P!!) but he also got to wear cool themed sox which EVERYBODY saw and loved.

3-17-2011 st patricks socks

So the big question is, with my long hiatus from regular posting, how have things been going? Well the Kiddo is used to his cast now, his teacher is twitching though and desperately wants the thing to come off. I am exhausted and beyond bored with being at a six year olds beck and call, the constant “moooooom, I need….” is driving me insane. I’ll post more about his leg, with pictures, tomorrow.

I started school two weeks ago. The first week I was stressed about everything, how to do it, what would count, what could I be doing wrong…. But I managed to finish it without having a nervous breakdown. Last week was week two, we had an individual paper (500 words) and a team project/paper due. It was another stressful week, group work is bad enough in person but trying to do it via the internet is torture. Long story short I have an Intrapersonal learning style and not only do I really prefer to work alone (!!) but I tend to be a highly organized over achiever. If you’re a mid twenties grammatically challenged college student, it’s apparently a bit of a stretch for me to expect you to come anywhere close to my standards. Which is saying something considering I don’t really think of myself as the queen of writing. But the project was finished on time (mostly, one girl didn’t bother “showing up” for any of it so her part looks rather like a five year old did it) AND my paper was turned in on time (932 words – proof of my statement above regarding my overachiever tendencies).

Now we’re on to week three, no more group work for two weeks and I can focus again on trying to get into a comfortable daily routine, mixing the school work in with the household, dog, and kiddo demands. Within that I also plan to get back to my "normal" posting schedule... think I can do it?

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Taemin said...

I always find group-work annoying, and not just for the obvious reasons:
The challenge and value of group work is in the collaboration, and in learning from the work of others. Theoretically. But when its actually done, people simply divy and separate. And then, depending on how its graded, certain people take the finish product and polish it up. Its not so much "group" as it is a test in tolerance.

That being sad, props for getting through it relatively unscathed, and I hope you don't have too many more of those projects left. Most classes that have group-projects tend to only do one, two at the max.


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