Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday little one

decorations (5)

Last week my sister came to visit. I keep telling myself she was here for me, to help me take care of the Kiddo a bit so I would feel less overwhelmed with everything. But really she was here for the Kiddo, to play with him and Love him.

She arrived Friday night (the 25th) after he had gone to bed. Saturday was his party so she timed it perfectly. He woke up to Auntie D standing over him and his day just kept getting better from there. He wanted a police themed party, so we had white and blue decorations.

decorations (2)

We made home made ice cream, I really loved that my mom used to do that. We’d take turns cranking the ice cream maker and then we’d take the paddle out to the front porch and lick it off. Well it’s too cold outside for licking the whole paddle clean (not to mention the wheelchair) but I think he enjoyed tasting it anyway. He wanted vanilla with “treats” to go on top, so at desert time we did a treat bar.

homemade icecream (3)……homemade icecream (4)icecream bar (2)

For Cake he requested chocolate with a police car. I did try to make a home made car shaped cake but things went sideways quick with that (long uninteresting story that ends with cake on the floor). We ended up purchasing a last minute cookies and cream cake from the store and decorated it ourselves. He loved it!

police cake (3)……candles (3)

He got quite a few great gifts. Auntie D gave him a couple watches, his cousin gave him a light saber, his Uncle P gave him a super cute green dinosaur shirt, and his Auntie Ph gave him a millennium falcon model (took the Man two hours to put it together).

presents from D watches (2)……presents light saber from jessica (1)

3-4-2011 millennium falcon from ph and carson

It was a really fun day for him, he went to bed exhausted but happy. And he knew that Auntie D would be here for a whole week after that to keep things going. She helped me take him to school every day (it’s SO much easier to do with two people), she even ‘slept over’ with him on two separate nights.

3-4-2011 last day of Ds visit (2)……3-4-2011 last dinner before she left out to eat sushi (2)

I love it when my family comes to visit. There are never any expectations to be “entertained” and they seem to really get a kick out of just hanging out spending time with the Kiddo. I hate when they have to head home, it leaves me wishing there was some way we could move back to be near them.. I hope that someday we can.


C said...

I notice two things in the pictures: Two beautiful ladies that still look too young for their ages (only a matter of time before people start commenting that you look like your kid's sister), and A NAKED DOG! Poor little beastie lost all her hair :-P

Fef said...

There should be something else for Chance as well.

Lady D said...

I wish you could move closer too... and I promise that the visit was both for you and Chance :)

and to C - we get that from you :)

Taemin said...

Seriously, C. I have a picture up in my classroom, of all my sisters and my mom. They can never pick out my mom.
(Though perhaps the culture here sees age differently; I'm usually taken for being between 22 and 25.)

Gwyneth said...

Thanks! You know, the Man married me for my genetics ;)

Fef, it's here thank you... I forgot to tell you because it came on the same day as the millennium falcon lol


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